Delivering Results for
Long Island Families

Supporting our Law Enforcement

It is important now, more than ever, that we support our brave men and women in blue. They took an oath to protect and serve our community and have gone above and beyond in doing so. Now, our law enforcement officers are under attack, and it is our turn to stand by them – Andrew has done just that.

  • As a member of the New York State Assembly, Andrew voted against the dangerous bail reform bill that released criminals out onto our streets. He also cosponsored a bill that makes it a felony to intentionally interfere with or inhibit a police officer or peace officer from engaging in the course of performing their official duties.

  • Andrew has opposed all efforts to defund the police.

Andrew stands by what he says which is why he has been endorsed by great law enforcement unions across the state Like the New York State Troopers PBA, PBA of New York State, Port Authority PBA, NYPD Detective Endowment Association, the Suffolk County PBA, Suffolk County SOA, Suffolk County Detectives Association, Suffolk County Detective Investigators Association, Suffolk County Sheriff PBA, and the Suffolk County Police Conference. Andrew has wholeheartedly backed New York’s finest as your assemblyman and will continue to do the same as your next Congressman because our brave men and women in blue deserve elected officials who have their back, not put targets on it.

Working to end the Heroin and Opioid Abuse Epidemic

The heroin and opioid abuse crisis is a disease that’s touched the lives of so many Long Islanders. We must be compassionate yet vigilant in combating this epidemic if we are to overcome it. During his time as an assemblyman, Andrew voted to:

  • Prohibit co-payments during the course of treatment at an opioid treatment program
  • Require the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services to provide quarterly reports on the status and outcomes of various initiatives to address the heroin and opioid epidemic, which will improve available data
  • Expand access to medications that treat substance abuse disorders
  • Require doctors and pharmacists to provide more information about opioids as well as to shorten prescriptions to 7 days
  • Mandate insurance coverage of life-saving opioid overdose reversal medication known as NARCAN and Naloxone
  • Increase long-term addiction recovery services and improve access to inpatient treatment

Andrew also supports strengthening laws to punish and hold drug dealers accountable, such as the enactment of the “Death by Dealer” felony law. In addition, Andrew has worked to help and educate the community in ways beyond just policymaking. Andrew has hosted several NARCAN training sessions in which attendees both learned how to properly administer NARCAN to an overdose victim and were given a free kit to take with them. He has also partnered with local organizations to host “Shed the Med” events to give people a safe and secure opportunity to turn in unneeded prescription medication.

Supporting Our Veterans

Our Nation’s veterans bravely served their country so that we may all live free. It’s only right that we support and fight for those veterans who put their lives on the line for us. That means keeping our commitments to those who served. That means making sure that the VA is run well and efficiently. And that means when our troops come home from serving overseas, we continue to support them with the job training and the mental health treatment they rightfully deserve. During Andrew’s time in the New York State Assembly, he has successfully fought to restore funding for the Joseph P. Dwyer Peer Counseling Program. Additionally, Andrew has voted to:

  • Give a tax credit to injured active members of our armed forces and veterans to improve mobility in their homes
  • Create a public education initiative to reduce and ultimately eliminate the stigma of mental health and substance abuse issues wrongly surrounding our military and veterans
  • Conduct a comprehensive study on homelessnes amongst veterans
  • Provide additional information regarding resources available to assist veterans who experienced military sexaul trauma
  • Offer free access to New York State parks, camp sites, cabins, and cottages to our disabled veterans
  • Grant a half-fare rate program for our veterans who ride the MTA or subsidiaries, such as the LIRR
  • Reward scholarships to Gold Star Families

He also supports the Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise Act, which would extend benefits offered to minority and women-owned businesses to veterans. Andrew will continue to fight for our American heroes in the halls of Congress.

Protecting our environment

The Great South Bay is one of our community’s greatest resources. Protecting the bay is in our best interest to both protect our environment and our economy. As a third-generation Long Islander, Andrew wants all future generations to be able to grow up with the same bay that he has been so fortunate to enjoy. Whether it’s boating over the weekend, fishing with family and friends, or just relaxing at your local beach – the bay is one of the reasons we all love Long Island. Saving the Great South Bay will require engaging members of our community, cleaning up the creeks and streams, and eliminating the waste polluting our waterways. Additionally, we need to make sure that the federal government continues to contribute its fair share in protecting this national treasure. That is exactly why Andrew has voted to:

  • Make it a crime to dump solid waste
  • Ensure that the effects of climate risk and extreme weather events are considered to be an eligible component of funding and permitting in proposed state projects
  • Protect Long Island residents whose primary source of drinking water is from a federally designated sole source aquifer by providing new regulatory authority to counties and local governments over mining activities and eliminating current permit exemptions for mining relating to construction activities and agricultural activities
  • Require local solid waste management plans to characterize methods to increase waste diversion, such as recycling and composting
  • Restrict hotels from making available to hotel guests small plastic bottle hospitality personal care products to help reduce the proliferation of single-use products
  • Protect endangered and threatened species that still require such protection in New York
  • Provide municipal sustainable energy loan programs
  • Set up a commission to study the feasibility, costs, impacts, and best locations for construction of a seawall around the city of New York’s coastline

Andrew will bring these same values to Congress to fight to protect Long Islanders and save our beautiful Great South Bay environment.

Bringing Transparency to Government

Transparency is key to building trust, which is why it is imperative we bring transparency to our government at the local, state, and federal levels. You elect your representatives to be your voice and represent you, but that can’t happen without transparency. Andrew strongly believes in the importance of transparency.

  • Andrew supports term limits. He signed the pledge with the U.S. Term Limits’, the leader in the non-partisan national movement to limit terms for elected officials, to fight for an amendment to term limit Congress.

  • As a member of the New York State Assembly, Andrew voted to subject LLCs to the existing contribution limits for corporations. This bill would also increase transparency by requiring disclosure of the identity of individuals with membership interests in LLCs and attribute contributions to members of LLCs.

Andrew has fought for transparency at the state level in Albany and has pledged to continue that fight at the federal level in Washington, D.C.


China is an adversary of the United States, and Andrew believes we must do more to counteract their increasing grabs for international power. China is constantly trying to attack the United States and our allies in unconventional ways, whether that be economically or technologically. China has pursued unfair economic practices for many years. It is necessary we fight to keep Chinese-owned technology and telecommunications companies, Huawei, out of our data, infrastructure, and networks. These companies are influenced by the Chinese Communist Party and pose a serious national security risk to our great nation. We must be tough on a country that did not alert the proper channels and work to stop the spread of COVID-19 before it became a global pandemic. We must be tough on a country that is committing atrocities against its own people. Andrew will fight to be tough on China until they change their policies and behaviors.


Andrew is committed to improving our healthcare system by lowering costs and providing more choices for consumers. Congress should have never completely restructured our nation’s healthcare system as they did with the Affordable Care Act. While some reforms were surely needed, they should have been made by fixing and adding to the system we had in place. Andrew has voted to:

  • Improve the delivery of mobile crisis mental health services and determine the need statewide by establishing the New York State Advisory Council on Mental Health Emergency and Crisis Response
  • Establish patient protections from excessive hospital emergency charges

Additionally, during these uncertain times, Andrew has continued to fight for the safety and wellbeing of Long Islanders. Not only has he worked with other community leaders to donate PPE and hand sanitizer to local businesses and organizations, Andrew has voted to:

  • Require public employers to adopt a plan for operations in the event of a declared public health emergency, which includes identification of essential personnel, needed PPE, staggering work shifts, and providing necessary technology for telecommuting
  • Require employers to warn employees and contract workers of any known environmental and health hazards, and to take steps to mitigate risks to workers health, including by PPE
  • Authorize licensed pharmacists to administer a vaccine for COVID-19 approved by the U.S. FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research vaccine product approval process


Long Islanders have one of the highest costs of living across the entire United States. Andrew is a firm believer in lowering taxes for the hardworking families and small businesses in our community. Long Islanders will continue to leave in droves without relief.

As a member of the New York State Assembly, Andrew voted to enact the Small Business Full Employment Act to provide various tax cuts to support small businesses, reduce regulatory burdens on small businesses, eliminate the unnecessary 18-A energy tax assessment, and prohibit any new unfunded mandates. He also voted to place a limit on the real property tax for certain owners and provide a personal income tax credit for certain property taxpayers. Additionally, Andew voted to establish the real property tax exemption task force in order to reexamine such exemptions to make sure extra burdens are not being carried over to the homeowners and small businesses of New York. Just last year he rallied against a commuter tax put on Long Island Residents driving into Manhattan.

In Washington, I will join Congressman Suozzi, and Zeldin to fight for a repeal of the SALT cap that unfairly targets Long Islanders.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We must support our small businesses and not place any further undue burdens on them. Andrew is proud to be endorsed by The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

In the New York State Assembly, Andrew voted to require the Division for Small Business to publish a small business compliance guide to inform small business owners and operators of statutory and regulatory changes annually. He voted to direct Empire State Development to publish and maintain a list of available programs to assist small businesses to assist small businesses doing business in New York. Andrew also recognizes the hard work and importance of small businesses to our community, which is why he voted to establish a historic business preservation registry that would include historic businesses that have operated for at least fifty years in contributing to their communities’ history.